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LanguageTranslation made by
SpanishAlejandro S. Valdezate
alesanval at gmail dot com
DanishRune Bisgaard Vammen
runebisgaard at gmail dot com
zsyfly at gmail dot com
RussianVladimir Gladilovich
vdgladilovich at gmail dot com
SwedishLars 'Bafvert' Gafvert
lars.gafvert at gmail dot com
ItalianDamiano Monaco
dmonax at gmail dot com
GermanMoritz Beleites
morbel at gmx dot net
Greek (will be soon)Γκέσος Παύλος
gessos.paul at gmail dot com

Special thanks to all contributors.

How can I help?

Would you like to see the TTCalc in your own language? You can help with translating. If you'd like to help then look at the file languages.cpp: Here is the file from the last revision.

All communicates and messages are stored in two functions:

  • void Languages::InitErrorMessagesTab() {}
  • void Languages::InitGuiMessagesTab() {}

At the beginning of each you can find the English version of all messages. Copy & paste them to your favourite text editor then change the English version into your own language, save it as 8-bit ASCII file and send it to me by email (change of course the word _AntiSpam_ into @). Note that the file must be coded in your own character set (this character set which your operating system is using).

For example: to translate from English to Polish you should do: Get the file then in a text editor change the context from the English:

  • InsertGuiPair(button_ok,"Ok");
  • InsertGuiPair(button_cancel,"Cancel");
  • ...

To the Polish:

  • InsertGuiPair(button_ok,"Ok");
  • InsertGuiPair(button_cancel,"Anuluj");
  • ...

And save this temporary file as an ASCII file with Windows CP-1250 character set (this is for Polish language in MS Windows) and send it to me. I'll take your translation and put to the sources.

If you cannot save the file as the ASCII e.g. your language has too many strange characters then I cannot make the TTCalc in your language. At the moment TTCalc does not support the Unicode.

Note: The file languages.cpp is not actually in one character set, all languages are stored in their own character set. This makes that if your're using an operating system which has a different character set then you will not correctly see the messages from another languages. For example on the english version of MS Windows there'll not be visible polish characters (those with tildas - from outside ASCII).